Beach Adventure Hopping

idea by rystalpistol
Beach Adventure Hopping


My adventure day challenges the conventional standard of how we experience the beauty of LA. We can rally a group of Good Makers to explore the beautiful beaches and quintessential culture of LA...car-free. We’ll start at Hermosa to play the new crazed sport, Beach Tennis! We’ll stroll off the beaten path to Granny's Grocery, a cute mom-and-pop surf deli so we have sandwiches en route. We’ll hop on the 232 then 733 buses to Venice Beach. In Venice we'll shake out our legs grooving in the drum circle and challenge those at Muscle Beach. We can reenact LMFAO's famous wiggle dance, while heading toward Santa Monica. We’ll then ride the world's only solar powered Ferris wheel and grab a drink or gelato. Then we will catch the 534 bus to The Getty Villa and see its beautiful gardens and art. After riding the 534 again, we'll explore tide pools and trails or rent a surfboard at the Malibu Lagoon Beach. We skip the $12 and $15 parking fees! Our great day ends watching a gorgeous beach sunset.



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Exploring LA's Urban WIlderness
Exploring LA's Urban WIlderness

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